Gracelight Med Staffing, LLC is a leading healthcare staffing and recruiting firm here in Maryland. Specializing in permanent placements for hospitals, healthcare facilities, hospice and long-term care staff recruiting, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Hospitals
  • Long-Term Care
  • Home Health Care
  • Assisted Living
  • Hospice
  • Acute Care Hospitals

And if you are a healthcare expert searching for a job, talk to the recruiting team at Gracelight Med Staffing , LLC.

Affordable, Innovative

Healthcare Recruitment Services Across the US

Here are some reasons why Gracelight Med Staffing, LLC is your number one choice in healthcare recruiting:

  • Affordable Recruitment ServicesIf you are tired of paying exorbitant labor rates to find professional staff, get in touch with us today. We offer affordable, fast healthcare recruitment services so you can provide the best care to your patients.
  • Large Potential Employees DatabaseGracelight Med Staffing, LLC has a large database of qualified and experienced candidates. With this, we’ll get you the employees you need regardless of the urgency.
  • Save On MarketingInstead of spending exorbitant fees on job boards advertisements, talk to us. We’ll promote your job opening on our web at reduced rates.
Sharp Recruiting


At Gracelight Med Staffing, LLC, we focus on helping you easily navigate through the hiring process. As your partners in recruiting, we have solutions that will make your organization excel clinically so you can offer better services.
With us, you won’t just get doctors… We only find doctors we’d want to care for our loved ones.

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Urgent Staff Recruitment

We Handle Urgent Staff Recruitment Needs

Gracelight Med Staffing, LLC is your go-to firm any time you have urgent staffing needs. Whether it is a vacancy or you wish to expand your operations, we’ll get the perfect professional for the job.

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We Love Our Job

Love Our Job

As a top-rated healthcare recruitment agency, we love what we do. Our satisfaction is in finding the best talent fast, every time. And for this, thousands of hospitals, long-term care centers, hospices, and Assisted Living facilities trust us with their staff recruiting.

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We Handle All the Complex Staffing Tasks

Besides getting you the best candidate for the job, we’ll handle the following:




Legal Matters


Interview Scheduling


Contract Negotiation




Reference Follow-up

Health Care Recruitment

At Gracelight Med Staffing, LLC, we take pride in providing you with top tire candidates for your position. And because we’ve built an advanced regional database of the best healthcare professionals, we’ll never miss a deadline.


Step 1

Send a requisition with your healthcare job details

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Step 2

Using your requisition details, we’ll search and handle the pre-screening of the ideal candidates

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Step 3

We present the best candidates for the position and arrange for phone, video, & one on one interviews.

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Step 4

Once you identify the best candidate from the interview, we’ll help in presenting the offer letter. We’ll also handle other formalities until the person is fully integrated into your organization.

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Contact Us

For more information about our healthcare recruiting services, please give us a call. you can also send us a message and we’ll get back to you.